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About PSR

PSR has been a global provider of technological solutions and consulting services in the areas of electricity and natural gas since 1987.

We specialize in the development of decision support tools for competitive electricity-gas markets, integrated economic/financial/market-design studies, strategic advice to investors and investment funds and integrated environmental and energy systems. PSR has clients in more than thirty countries worldwide, ranging from fully deregulated to emerging countries undergoing electricity and gas reform / transition.


  • Support to energy consumers, generators, and traders
  • Detailed modeling with PSR decision support tools, taking into account regulatory and market aspects

    28-Apr-2015 - Energy Report March edition is now available

    18-Mar-2015 - Energy Report February edition is now available

    12-Feb-2015 - Energy Report January edition is now available

    23-Jan-2015 - Check the article published in The Wall Street Journal on LAST TUESDAY January 20th with comments by PSR’s president Mario Pereira about the massive blackout that occurred in Brazil on January 19th

    22-Jan-2015 - Energy Report December edition is now available

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